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Deep insights about your tech, product and culture enable us to understand exactly who you are looking for. We speak the same language - No buzzword search in LinkedIn profiles.

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We Pitch Talent On Your Behalf

Equipped with your vision and insights, we become like an extension to your team pitching your story to the right people in our network. We want you to be represented by someone who knows you and whom you can trust to engage with the talent out there.

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We screen + match your Candidates

Screening candidates properly, we provide you with detailed insights on skills and cultural-fit saving you valuable time on whom you interview - No irrelevant CV’s coming your way.

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We take care of your hires and our buddies after contracts are signed. We prepare them for the move, share everything about the life in Berlin, handle the VISAS, provide support with the apartment search, and thanks to our tightly-knit community help our buddies to settle in Berlin smoothly.

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13 hires

Fronted React, Backend, DevOps, QA, Android, Product Owners

5 Intros

for each hire


of the tech team growth over 2 years


7 hires

Java Backend, DevOps, Frontend, QA

6 Intros

only for each hire


of the tech team growth over 2 years


6 hires

Frontend React, React Native, Ruby Backend, CRM

8 Intros

for each hire


of the tech team growth over 1 years

tis biz

7 hires

Java Backend, QA, DevOps

6 Intros

for each hire


Doubled the tech team
Verena Garo
Senior HR Manager @ ZATTOO
The DevBuddies have been helping Zattoo to successfully grow our tech team for 3 years, in which we have hired around 25% of our tech talent with them. We see Florian and Ferenc more like an extended part of our people team and not as external recruiters.

They have a close connection to our tech leads and spent a lot of time getting to know our company culture, our technical set-up and our hiring challenges. This makes working with them not just fun, but also very efficient. In a market where hiring top-notch tech talents is a challenge, we are a very picky customer with a strong focus on the right cultural fit. And still, the DevBuddies manage to find great talent for us from all over the world, which helps Zattoo grow in size, but also diversity.

Thank you so much for the great support! Let's keep it up in the coming years!
Meera Innes
Venture Developer @ Antlantic Labs
In my capacity as a Venture Developer for Atlantic Labs I found devBuddies the most helpful recruiter to work with - Tech or otherwise. They are outstanding in their effort to get to know both candidates and employers in order to make the best recommendations for cultural fit, and they are so helpful and a pleasure to work with. I am always happy to refer them to companies and hear about the very positive results of their cooperation.
Pierre Cantegril
Former Co-Founder @ MONOQI
devBuddies helped us to scale our Scala and React team at MONOQI. The quality of their network is great and they always suggest leads that fit both in terms of skills and personality. Florian is also very nice as a person and it is always a pleasure to work with him and his team. I highly recommend devBuddies for any IT recruitment needs.
Alex Kong
CTO @ Styla.com
devBuddies was a great help for us to find a skilled devOp that is as well a good cultural fit. For them the personal relationship is important and they take their time to find out what the company needs and screens candidates accordingly beforehand.

Meet the Team

We love Berlin and are keen to do our part to bring great people and more diversity to our city. Making a positive impact on organisations and lives is what really keeps us going. Our close engagement with people helped us to create a strong community in Berlin.

Founder - Tech Recruiter
Ferenc has been growing tech teams globally since 2010 and has hired nearly 200 people.

He lived and worked in 4 countries both in-house and as a specialist external recruiter. He enjoys working with engineers, gaining products insights and curiously follows tech in his free time.

With an active network across continents he embraces diversity and interaction with different cultures.

A positive contribution to organisations and lives keeps him engaged in recruitment.
Tech Recruiter
Anna has a degree in Computer Science and more than 6 years of working experience in tech recruitment.

During her career as a tech recruiter, she has been working with startups as well as bigger tech companies.

Her passion for tech and people allows her to pitch our startups like she would be part of the team herself.With her attitude and mindset, she is as energetic and responsive as Berlin itself.
Former Founder / Now Advisor
Hybrid Developer & Tech Recruiter
Florian started as a developer at the age of 18 and worked as a freelancer for over 12 years.

During a sabbatical in 2015, he started helping a founder friend to find developers for his team. He soon realized that recruitment needs a more human approach and insights about companies which recruiters usually don't provide to developers.

In 2017 he founded devBuddies.io together with his buddy Ferenc.

Florian's addiction is to connect and help people.

In April 2019, Florian stepped back from the management, remaining as advisor being the original founder.
Tech Recruiter
Marina has over 4 years of experience in tech recruitment across Russia, Ukraine, and Europe.

She is passionate about matching a one-in-a-kind job opportunity with outstanding talent. She believes in hiring for smart talent, not direct experience.

It's terrific for her to find smart people to do awesome things at the best startups. She strives for a human-centered approach. She is always open to give you support and smile.

Marina joined devBuddies in spring 2016.
Tech Recruiter
John has been working in IT recruitment for the past 6 years.

With a prior focus in outsourcing in South America to companies in the US, now he focuses on international recruitment in European companies. Really keen to connect with the geek community.

He has a huge network of LATAM’s, and his passion is to find the best talents who want to push themselves in challenging  opportunities overseas.

A result oriented coffee lover who joined devBuddies in 2018.
Tech Recruiter
Senior Recruiter and Head Hunter, in-house and agency trained with more than 12 years of experience across EMEA and a track target delivery record. First hand knowledge and experience of the IT industry.

An out of the box thinker, with excellent organisation and time management skills. An excellent communicator with proven multinational managerial and leadership skills able to operate at all levels.