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We want to understand your motivation, the challenges you are looking for, and which Startup team can help you to reach that goal!

Our advantage over recruiters is that we can give you real insights about the Berlin Startup scene! We are developers ourselves, so we speak your language. Having worked with many Startups as developers, we can tell you honestly about the team, culture, product and tech stack of our clients - who are often our friends.

We share our genuine opinion and actual experience with you, not the standard job description you can read online. Moreover, we can help you in negotiating your salary and - if you’re not yet based in Berlin - tell you everything we love about this city, support you in the VISA application process, help you find an apartment and connect you to our fellow friends in tech. We want to be your buddies in starting your new life in this great city!

Feedback from our buddies

  • I was living in Budapest when Florian from devBuddies was the only one to respond to my post for help in the Berlin slack channel. I am from the states and was going to start my job search in Berlin. I am super young with a strong entrepreneurial background and quickly found out that without connections it’s hard to land a job as a Product Manager in Berlin. My dream actually was to join another group of co-founders in the early stages because I had experience there and felt my previous gig was unfinished. But I was young and never an employee so my CV was a hard sell. Florian and I liked each other from the first moment - and just after 5 min on our first call he offered me to stay with him as long as I have to and he promised me to not give up until we find the perfect gig for me. I couldn’t believe what was happening to be honest. So long story short - I packed my stuff - came to Berlin - lived with Flo and his son in the beautiful district of Zehlendorf - I interviewed with tons of companies over the course of 6 months until Flo bumped into the right person for me and brought up the opportunity one night at home. In the end, I had 2 offers, 1 I got on my own and as a Product Manager to go the linear path or to follow my heart and join an early stage startup with the possibility to become CPO and Co-founder again through Flo. I choose where my heart wanted me to go and now I am the CPO and Co-Founder of living my dream in Berlin. To a beautiful friendship and future!

    Thanks, Flo and devBuddies and Joshua for the food, lego hackathons, and much much more I could never repay...

  • I first met Florian by chance and he told - let‘s find you a job where you feel at home. Now I am 3000 km away from my country, but I have found my home. Thank you Florian :)

  • Florian is one of the best people I've met. He commands immediate trust, and I've never seen anyone be able to read people so well and so quickly. His strong technical background lets him deal with (us) developers much better than most talent hunters. He's put me in contact with amazing people, and I will always be thankful for that!

  • Florian has a very different approach to everyday situation. Recruiting process replaced with cool and smart people meeting each other, broadening their horizons and possibly taking a step up in their career. The first words that come to my mind after meeting Florian is good vibes and good energy. Happy to know him not only as a professional, but also as a person.

  • Florian is the kindest person I ever met. When I was moving to Germany, he supported me all the time, with interviews, projects, opportunities, showing up the city, connecting me with more people and, helping with the paperwork. Florian is more than a great professional. He cares about the welfare. We’ve worked together in small projects and, I’m impressed the way he likes to share the knowledge and learn more about you can do.

  • Florian is the real human problem - solver. When I needed a job, he presented before me every possibility abroad an in my country. He even suggested to come and stay in his place if needed. He was available anytime on Skype etc. So no wonder we became like friends. So in short, take this as the best recommendation from me, and I would love to work with Florian in the future as well. Thanks friend!

  • Florian ist der erste "Recruiter" der konkrete Projekte vermitteln konnte. Und es waren dann auch gleich mehrere. Recruiter in Anführungszeichen, weil Florian einfach viel mehr tut als einfach auf Linkedin oder Xing wild alle anzuschreiben. Er schaut ob das Projekt und der Freelancer zusammenpassen. Das was kaum einer der sogenannten Recruiter aus englischen oder polnischen Callcentern leisten kann. Auch menschlich überzeugt Florian durch seine charmante Art. Ich kann meinen Agenten nur empfehlen :) Weiter so Florian! Das macht echt Spaß mit dir!

  • Florian is one of the best recruiters I have ever worked with. His approach is unique. He really wants to know you, what drives you, your life & your passions to help you find the best position. On a personal level I found him: friendly, smart, honest & forward thinking. I would be happy to meet with him for a drink and work with him again. Which is not something you would normally say about a recruiter.

    Brian Shannon, SaaS and Javascript specialist at

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Clients/Community - Hybrid Developer & Recruiter

Florian started as a developer at the age of 18 and worked as a freelancer for over 12 years.

During a sabbatical in 2015, he started helping a founder friend to find developers for his team. He soon realized that recruitment needs a more human approach and insights about companies which recruiters usually don't provide to developers.

In 2017 he founded together with his buddy Ferenc.

Florian's addiction is to connect and help people.



Delivery Team - Former Google Recruiter

Ferenc has been growing tech teams globally since 2010 and has hired nearly 200 people.

He lived and worked in 4 countries both in-house and as a specialist external recruiter. He enjoys working with engineers, gaining products insights and curiously follows tech in his free time.

With an active network across continents he embraces diversity and interaction with different cultures.

A positive contribution to organisations and lives keeps him engaged in recruitment.



Accounts/Search - Senior Tech Recruiter

Anna has a degree in Computer Science and more than 6 years of working experience in tech recruitment.

During her career as a tech recruiter, she has been working with startups as well as bigger tech companies.

Her passion for tech and people allows her to pitch our startups like she would be part of the team herself.

With her attitude and mindset, she is as energetic and responsive as Berlin itself.




…and thanks to the countless friends in our network! Without you all of this wouldn't be possible!

The force is with us we are one with the force :)